Havaco Technologies

What the Customer & Installer Need To Know

Do you need mastic or tape to hold this in place?

Quick Connect Start Collars feature a double sided adhesive gasket that has been code approved in some areas to replace mastic at the trunk line connection. This self sealing feature along with our Zip Clips could save your company hundreds or thousands on wasted sealants and the cost to replace the uniforms that mastic can ruin. Our Quick Zips were designed to lock and hold the take off in place for either sheet metal or duct board applications. If your local code requires mastic or tape, you can certainly apply it, you’ll still save a ton of time on the install and prevent personal injury using Quick Connects. Our take off is UL2043 classified for use in a plenum. If your local code official has any questions about our take off we would be happy to talk to them directly and forward samples for their review.

Can I buy direct?

If you have a distributor, you'll be better off buying from them as we don't compete with our business partners. Your first step would be to contact the rep in your area. Rep information is located on the distributor locator. If you have a preferred distributor you want us to contact, please direct them to this web site and we can forward them samples. Quick Connects are available online at www.havacosales.com,

Will my code official allow it?

The Quick Connect Start Collar is tested to UL 2043 for smoke density and heat energy output, and although this test is not the same as the burn testing referenced in UL 181, the code official could consider the UL 2043 test results in applying the alternate approval provisions of section 105.2. UL 2043 is used to evaluate electrical equipment, speakers, smoke detector units, duct fasteners and other relatively small combustible objects that are located in an air plenum. The use of the take-off fitting described herein could be allowed by the code official in accordance with section 105.2, if the code official gave consideration to the lack of specific coverage of the fitting in the code and the fire testing that the product has undergone. UL 2043 is the only fit for Quick Connect collars. The updated scope of the UL 2043 standard relates to other discrete products and also states that the UL 2043 method can be used when UL 723 (Steiner Tunnel E-84 test for 25/50) is not applicable.The product testing that we have passed follows the intent of the E-84 test, but because of the size of our parts, we cannot submit to that testing.

How durable are your collars?

The temperature variations that the product will see, is well within the safe working range, of the plastic. Plastic degeneration will not happen if the working limits are kept. There is virtually no change in the plastic properties. PVC plastic has been in use for over 60 years and our plastic is more stable than PVC plastic.

Who in my area carries HaVACo?

We are adding distributors every day, so check out our Distributor locator. HaVACo is an approved corporate vendor for Johnstone Supply, RE Michel, IRR Supply to name a few. If you know of a reputable distributor in your area, who may want to carry this product, please ask them to call us, or contact us to call them.

Do you offer samples?

Yes, request yours today.

What's the pre-install flex benefit about?

The Quick Connects unlike the metal were designed with installation fasteners on the outside. You can tape and/or band your internal flex duct jacket to the collar on a work table and then hand up the flex run to the installer in the attic to simply remove the gasket paper insert into the trunkline, pull the locking zips and go.

How does your price compare to metal collars?

Quick Connects are extremely cost competitive with the extended tab, spin-in and metal tab collars. We have maintained pricing where the metal market has seen increases over the last several years. When you add in the installation time savings along with the elimination of finger cuts and workers' comp issues, Quick Connects can offer you hundreds if not thousands in savings.