Havaco Technologies

12″ X 12″ Ceiling Diffusers

HaVACo's Quick Connect no-tool install and removal ceiling diffuser with register boot features fast, easy accessibility when cleaning or painting ceilings. Our patented Easy Attach Knob lets you easily remove just the diffuser which cleans quickly with just a mild soap.

Manufactured from high-impact, paintable plastic, it is PLENUM Rated (UL 2043) for commercial ceilings, and can be used for both new and retrofit installs. Our ceiling boot included with the diffuser also meets the Air Diffusion Council's recommended 2" collar length and includes a flex duct retention ring for easier install.

Available styles:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Capital Crown Round
  • Capital Crown Square: 4 Way, 3 Way & 2 Way Models

Installation Instructions:

  1. Choose location on ceiling. Mark hole with template provided. Cut hole.
  2. Pull flex duct down thru hole and attach register boot with cable tie and foil tape.
  3. Insert quick zips in 4 zip receptor blocks with heads of zips above boot flange. Push heads of zips and register boot back up into ceiling hole until flange touches ceiling.
  4. Grasp tail of each quick zip and pull down to secure register boot to ceiling—snip off end of quick zips at flange.
  5. Insert easy attach knob in center of ceiling grille and line up with register boot crossbar to attach ceiling grille to boot. Easily remove just grille to clean or paint.

Also available with butterfly or rotary damper. On dampered models, easily adjust damper by inserting adjustment rod up through center of attachment knob and manually turning to open butterfly damper. Leave rod in place or remove and insert provided plug in top of knob.

These diffusers are perfect for both supply or return vents and for bathroom exhaust ports.

The Quick Connects are:
  • Won't Rust, Corrode, Discolor, or Fade
  • High impact, paintable plastic.
  • Easy No-Tool install and removal for cleaning or painting the ceiling.
  • Air Diffusion Council's Recommended 2" Collar Length.
  • PLENUM RATED (UL 2043) for Commercial ceilings.

Performance Data

Static Air Volume CFM325375450500600
Inlet Static Pressure0.
Noise Criteria NC<1524303338
Static Air Volume CFM250300375450550
Inlet Static Pressure0.
Noise Criteria NC<1521283439
  • Diffuser Performance Data

  • Boot and Damper Options

    The QUICK-CONNECT REGISTER BOOT attaches to the branch run and features a flex duct retention ring to easily tape or strap to. The BOOT attaches with the same Quick-Zips used with the Start Collar to easily fasten to your ceiling, no matter what the thickness.

    • 8” BOOT
    • 6” BOOT
    • 8/7/6 REDUCING BOOT

    The Quick-Connect Diffuser comes with our unique, easy-attach knob to fasten the grille to the boot without any tools. The knob also allows for simple removal of just the grille for cleaning or painting the ceiling.