Havaco Technologies

Magnetic Ceiling Diffuser

A New Way to RetroFit

The newest addition to the HaVACo's START TO FINISH Line of QUICK CONNECT products features our low profile round or square ceiling diffuser, 8" galvanized attachment ring and install screw pack.*

The Magnetic Retrofit Kit can be used to replace rusted metal grilles that are impossible to clean. Our high density plastic diffusers clean with mild soap and water.

The Magnetic Retrofit Diffuser can attach to an existing metal boot or you can use the included ring to cover up to an 8" round opening. The Magnetic Retrofit kits are also available with our Flag, Rosewood or Next Camo Graphic Diffusers.

Easily replace your old rusted metal grilles with our high density plastic diffuser made in the USA. The 4 pre-installed magnets total 16 lbs of pull.