Havaco Technologies


8"-7"-6" Reducer

Unlike the one-step metal reducers on the market today, HaVACo’s Multi Step-Reducer™ fits standard 8” start collars and reduces to either a 7” or 6”.

Each 2.5” section features a flex duct retention ring for more secure installs, and the 8”, 7” and 6” collar sizes can be cut to fit as marked. Our reducer can be used with the Quick Connect Grille and 8” Boot, and 3 different duct sizes.

Customize in the field

  • Simply take a utility knife and pierce reducer in the “Cut Here” channel either on the outside or inside of the reducer.
  • Remove either the smallest 6” collar or largest 8” collar.
  • Discard or recycle unused section.
  • Easily foil tape, mastic and or strap duct to secure to reducer to flex duct or start collar.

Flex Duct 6" & 8" Connectors

HaVACo's connectors are available in 6" and 8" sizes and feature a flex duct retention ring for faster and more secure installs to flex. Our connectors also feature a eyelet tab to easily suspend for better flex duct air flow.

Air Diffusion Council Installation Requirements:

Sheet metal fittings to which flexible ducts with plain ends are attached shall be beaded and have a minimum of 2 inches [50 mm] collar length.