Havaco Technologies

Start Collars

With no tabs to bend back and a Quick Zip design that lets you pre-install your flex, our patented Quick Connect start collar can be installed in just seconds. This universal collar can be used on metal and duct board plenums, as well as trunk lines, for forced air heating and air conditioning systems.

Durable, High-Quality and Universal

Our Quick Connect is made from a high quality polypropylene and glass mixture, making them dent-proof, rust-proof and non-conductive. Our universal products can be used anywhere forced air systems are used.

Quick Connect Collars feature:

  • Adhesive gaskets
  • Nonslip retention rings for flex duct applications
  • Four Quick Zip connectors
  • Air Diffusion Council's Recommended 2" Collar Length Code Required for Flex

Available sizes: 5", 6", 7", 8", 10" and 12", with or without dampers. 

Installation Instructions – Install in just 10 seconds!

  1. Insert Quick Zips
  2. Remove Gasket Release Paper
  3. Insert Collar in Metal or Duct Board Plenum
  4. Pull Quick Zips Tight
Hardness & Temperature Rating
At 66 psi314° F
At 264 psi283° F
Hardness, Rockwell Rating99
Tensile strength at yield8350 psi
Metric Conversion for Quick Connect Collars (inches to millimeters)
5"125 MM
6"150 MM
7"180 MM
8"200 MM
10"250 MM
12"300 MM