Havaco Technologies


HaVACo’s Snap Together Wye is molded from high-impact plastic and features a simple, two-part snap-together design that saves significant inventory space and reduces shipping costs compared to metal wyes.

Replace 12 different metal wyes with Havaco's 2 models:

  • HTY-12 in 12”-10”-8”
  • HTY-8 in 8”-7”-6”-5”

Best used for splitting branch runs for supply or return as well as branching exhaust runs.

Air Diffusion Council Installation Requirements

Sheet metal fittings to which flexible ducts with plain ends are attached shall be beaded and have a minimum of 2 inches [50 mm] collar length.)

Instructions for Cutting the Wye


  1. Before snapping two part wyes together, determine diameter requirements for each wye branch.
  2. Use a utility knife or snips to pierce outside at “Cut Line” on the outside of both wye halves.
  3. Discard or recycle unused sections.
  4. Easily tape, mastic and/or strap duct to secure to wye.


  1. Take two sections of the wye and cut each branch to size required as necessary.
  2. Stand up two wye sections mirroring each other.
  3. Line up posts and receptors to snap together each branch.
  4. Snap over latch to lock each branch before moving to next one.