Havaco Technologies

Application & Installation

HaVACo Technologies Inc., located in Erie, Pennsylvania, designs and manufactures reliable, American-Made heating, ventilation and air conditioning products with the intent to solve installation or distribution problems. Whether it is ease of install, ease of use, shipping and warehouse benefits, or product longevity, HaVACo Quick Connect products are the solution for all of your commercial and residential projects. HaVACo Technologies is currently developing other products in the duct fitting and diffuser line which will be introduced later this year.

The Start to Finish Line features the Quick Connect™ Start Collars, a Multi-Step Reducer, 12” and 8” Snap Together Wyes, 8”, 6” and 8/7/6 Reducing Register Boots, Square and Round Ceiling Diffusers, Capital Crown Ceiling Diffusers, 6" and 8" Connectors.

Installation Steps

Quick Connect Start Collar Installation - Step 1

Insert Zips with the “hook” faced away from the center and entering the zip clip holder from the back toward the front. Remove Gasket cover paper.

Insertar los clips con los ganchitos con la cara contraria hacia el centro, insertando el clip sujetador con la parte trasera viendo hacia el frente. Quitar el protector de la parte de atrás de la tapa

DuraTite Installation - Step 2

If using the pre-installed damper version make sure the damper handle is on the right side of the collar and the damper, when open, lies horizontally

Si se va a utilizar regulador y la abertura es horizontal, el grado de abertura debe de estar del lado derecho de la tapa del regulador.

DuraTite Installation - Step 3

Insert the Take-Off Assembly into main trunk line

Insertar el montaje ya hecho en el ducto principal.

DuraTite Installation - Step 4

Pull zip clips tight. They can be cut off or left long based on personal preference.

Jalar los clips firmemente. Pel sobrante puede ser cortado si se prefiere.

DuraTite Installation - Step 5

Attach flex duct with zip tie or metal duct pipe with sheet metal screws.

Añadir al ducto flexible la abrazadera, o si se trata de un ducto de metal sujetarlo con tornillos de metal.

DuraTite Installation - Step 6

Because of our unique zip and clip system, you can preinstall the flex duct prior to attachment to main trunk line. Be sure not to remove the cover of the internal gasket or pull the zip clips tight, until ready to install, as irreversible effects will take place.

Debido a nuestro original sistema de los clips y sujetadores, usted puede pre-instalar el ducto flexible antes de montarlo en el ducto principal. Asegúrese de no quitar el protector de la tapa interna o empujar el clip sujetador hasta que esté listo para instalar, ya que no pueden volver a su estado original.