Frequently Asked QuestionS


Do you have a minimum order?

No Minimums! We do not believe it’s proper forcing you to order more product than your job requires. Why spend money on something you simply do not need?

Is there a restocking fee?

Yes, a restocking fee anywhere between 10% and 25% may apply. We will evaluate the condition of the product when returned and make the determination at that time. Return freight is the responsibility of the customer.  

What are customers saying about HaVACo products?

Very easy to install. Allows you to install your flex duct prior to installing it in the duct board. Self sealing.What more could anyone ask for with this take off. It is with out question the Best Take off out there. A++++  

This product is the best HVAC take-off collar I have found. I wanted a bottom take off collar with a manual damper to run an HVAC dust into a gameroom bathroom register. I also wanted a collar that was easy to install without mounting tabs and with a good seal to eliminate leaks. This is a perfect selection for my application.

Superb quality and very easy to install. Just a great well thought out product. Absolutely seals up and is obviously not going to let any air leak out of it. Good thick quality plastic too. I am glad I purchased this instead of trying to become an HVAC expert and spending the money on tools etc.

We have found that using Quick Connect collars not only improve the bottom line, but provides a more efficient and safe installation. Inventory was reduced since one collar will install on many duct thicknesses. Installation is faster over standard metal tabbed collars, there is no foil taping involved in sealing the tap. In completing duct leakage tests, we have found the Quick Connect collars to be a vast improvement over standard metal collars and tape. Quick Connect collars are also safer to use. There is no chance of cutting or scraping yourself during installation, since you are not bending over steel tabs.


Do you need mastic or tape to hold HaVACo’s Quick Connect Start Collars in place?

Our Quick Connect Start Collars feature a double-sided adhesive gasket and Quick Zips for quicker installs. Our patented design locks in place for either sheet metal or duct board applications. If your local code requires mastic or tape, you can certainly apply it, you’ll still save a ton of time on the install and prevent personal injury using Quick Connects. Our take off is UL 2043 classified for use in a plenum. If your local code official has any questions about our take off we would be happy to talk to them directly and forward samples for their review.

What do you mean when you refer to a bullseye back on the 2’ X 2’ Lay-In?

Our 3-Cone, Plaque and Bordered Supply Lay-ins feature a pre-molded boot connection on the back including 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and *14” sizes. The 14” pre-molded boot is currently available on our Bordered Supply and will be available on our 3-Cone & Plaque Supply models by December 2022. Our Plaque Supply is also available with our Bulls-Eye Back. In situations where you are unsure of the neck connections in advance, the bullseye back has scored markings allowing the contractor to cut anywhere from a 6” to a 16” connection and add a collar in the field. The product with a bullseye back allow you to cut down of the variety and volume of inventory you may be required to carry. Our Louver and Egg Crate Returns also feature a Bulls-Eye back.

Can I order a 3-Cone style unit with a bullseye back connection?

Unfortunately no. By design, our 3-Cone supply grille is assembled using our Easy Attach Knob to connect the grille face to the back. The knob twists into the crossbar inside the neck of the pre-molded boot on the back. When using a bullseye back, it does not have the crossbar allowing you to support the standard grille.  

I need a special color, can you supply me with it?

The short answer is Yes we can. White and black supply and return vents are standard and always in stock. Customers needing a special color will require some planning. First, we have to get color samples to match to. There is a minimum order requirement for special colors. If you are only need a dozen or so units you are better off painting them. Simply look for the paint made specifically for plastic application and follow the paint manufacturers instructions.

What is the difference between the product provided with a butterfly vs. rotary damper?

The terms practically provide you with the answer: The butterfly damper is a factory assembled and installed damper that opens and closes with a key. As you rotate the key, the “wings” of the damper open up or close similar to a butterfly’s wings, based upon the direction of the key turning. 

Our rotary damper operates in the same fashion, however the damper has “fan-like blades” that rotate clockwise – counterclockwise, to open and close them.

If I forgot to order the rotary damper when I first placed my order, can it be installed in the field?

Yes. We will supply you with the respective size damper and key along with (4) four push pins to install the damper. There are (4) holes in the neck of the 12” Grille boot and in the 2 X 2 Supply backs that allows you to install the damper prior to install and connection to flex duct or metal pipe.

What is the primary benefit of HaVACo’s plastic product vs. metal vents the industry has been so accustomed to?

  1. Our product is made from a high-quality plastic that won’t sweat. Condensation issues with the metal units cause them to rust.
  2. Our plastic is durable and will not dent like the metal units. Metal units can damage very easily and typically arrive to the job site damaged costing you time and money
  3. Our Easy Attach Knob allows you to disconnect JUST the grille for easy cleaning and maintenance. Metal units can’t!

Do you offer “directional air flow” options with your standard 2’ X 2’ supply?

The 3-Cone and Plaque Supply vents have the standard 4-way directional air flow. If certain directional air flow is required, our Bordered style unit provides that in three grille options:  4-Way, 3-Way and 2-Way.   


How do I become a distributor?

Simple! Complete our "Request to Become a Distributor" request form. Fill in the required information and you’ll hear from us within 24 hrs. 

Where do I send my orders?

You can email them to or fax them to 844-333-0707. We recommend that your order have a PO#. It’s helpful for both of us for trackability!

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are Net 30 days for established accounts. New accounts can use a Credit Card to process their first two orders. We’ll have you complete the HaVACo Credit Application. Once approved we will begin invoicing you using our standard Net 30 day terms. 

How long will it take to process my order?

Orders are typically processed within 1 to 2 business days Monday thru Friday. We are located in Erie, PA so depending on your desired shipping method your order will typically deliver in 1 to 5 days.  

Are all items in stock?

Yes. We maintain healthy stock levels of our products so most orders will process to ship within 1-2 days. Large volume pallet orders will ship within 3-5 working days.

What type of marketing and support materials do you offer?

We offer catalogs, submittals, product sheets, counter mats, promo items and a sample display available to show your customers. You can find PDF downloads, here. We are readily available for video calls to train your sales and counter crew on the features and benefits of HaVACo products. We can also schedule a visit to your location on an upcoming sales trip.

Is there a Manufacturer's rep in my area?

Yes. Our Manufacturer's Rep list can be viewed, here. 

Who in my area carries HaVACo products?

We are adding distributors every day. Please use our Distributor Locator to search your area. Please contact us at to be added to our distributor listing. 

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